Wired Magazine – How to Subscribe to a Magazine Online

Wired Magazine is published twelve times a year and the first issue will come out between six and eight weeks after order receipt. Thereafter, you will receive each issue at least a week before the cover date (such as your June issue would be the next day in April). When ordering from Wired, always keep in mind the month of the magazine.

Customer Service – The Magazine has a customer service page where you can contact them with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your magazine subscription. They also offer advice for subscribers through Ezine posts. It is also worth asking them to send a newsletter as well. If they do not have a newsletter available, there is always the option of subscribing to their RSS feeds.

Issue Content – This is not the same as the content of your average magazine as the issues are generally more detailed, longer, and often written by renowned authors or magazines experts. For example, Wired magazine will often feature articles about new technology. There are also articles on the hottest gadgets, music, video games, and other topics.

Editorial Team – Every magazine has an editorial team. Their job is to ensure that the magazine has a solid content that is informative, interesting, and useful. However, if you subscribe to a magazine online, you may only receive their email newsletter, or their news releases will be sent out to subscribers.

Free Issue Subscription – Free issue subscriptions are the norm rather than the exception these days. Wired offers an entire four-issue subscription plan, which includes one free issue every three months, and another free issue in the fourth month. There is no limit on how many free issues you can receive, and the subscription fee is only a one time payment of ten dollars.

Payment Process – To subscribe to a magazine through a website, simply go to their homepage, and click the “subscribe now” button. You will be asked to create an account with the website. Once you have done this, you will be prompted with a few fields that contain your credit card details, and confirmation that your subscription has been accepted.

Once you have submitted the details, the payment gateway will provide you with a code. Copy the code, and then send it to the subscription provider’s address. Within a few hours, you will receive an email confirming that you have subscribed.

Finally, it’s worth noting that subscription to magazines through sites such as eBay is completely free. You simply upload the magazine into their service, choose your payment method and enter the code provided to complete the subscription process. If you need to print the magazine later on, just download it, and then you are ready to go. !

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