Magazine Publishing Strategies

In the newspaper business today, most publications are published in magazine form. Readers may see your publication in their local weekly paper or in the classified section of their favorite online community. As consumers know, magazines usually offer all editions of a publication as stand-alone volumes. This is why, for many of us, making a special New Year’s edition of a magazine has never been the same grand fanfare event that it can be in other monthly publications.

When you publish your magazine in magazine form, you have the ability to establish a brand. While other publications will have an editorial staff who is responsible for the content, a magazine will often have a marketing department, especially if it is a general-interest publication that has an international appeal. With a marketing department, the magazine has an opportunity to reach a larger audience and generate a larger amount of revenue than could be achieved by simply writing the same stories and sharing the same information across all of its print and online publications. Here are some ideas for how to do this:

– Establish a Logo – Many magazines will already have an official logo, but by using a logo for a magazine as an imprint, you can give it the appearance of a high-quality publication. You can use a trademarked image from another source, or you can create a custom design with your own photograph taken from within your own magazine. Either way, the logo will become a familiar brand, and when people see it, they will associate it with your publication and your brand.

– Brand Your Issue – Many people are used to the fact that magazines have to keep their content confidential. With an imprint, the publication itself will also create a protective shield around the brand by creating a code on the inside of each issue. The imprint is the physical manifestation of your magazine brand.

– Digital Imaging – Many magazines have taken to digitally imaging their magazine issues. By doing this, readers can have the magazine instantly download their current magazine issue to their computers. Instead of having to wait for the entire issue to go through the printers and wait for it to arrive at the office, readers can now just turn on their computer and read it as soon as it comes in.

– Imprinted – This is the easiest way to get an imprint on a magazine. All you have to do is visit the Internet and search for magazines that are imprinted. and choose the publication that you think is right for you. After picking an imprinted magazine, the company that printed it will create a code imprinted onto the inside of every copy and give you a certificate that you can keep.

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