Advantages of Using MACROMark For Magazines

Are you a magazine publisher, or are you an owner/writer of several different magazine publications? If so, you know how much time, effort, money, and hard work it takes to produce high quality magazine advertisements. Magazines are typically published weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. When we purchase magazines, we generally buy them in a bulk quantity. This is because each issue of the magazine contains dozens or hundreds of pages, and often, the magazine publisher has to reprint many issues of a magazine to give us many new copies of their publication. Therefore, they buy these issues at wholesale rates and pass the savings on to us.

A good example of an organization that benefits a lot from these lower print costs is a travel agency. For example, the majority of magazine advertising is aimed at attracting a broad audience, with an even wider audience if it is published in a glossy magazine rather than a more down to earth small magazine. A travel agency can take advantage of this by offering special discounts on their services or booking packages to certain locations and times of the year. The MACROMark software can also be used to analyze the audience profile for any magazine advertisement, making it easier for agencies to design campaigns that will be more effective in their target markets.

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